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The Study of Home

Because of so many of you, we are well into the adoption process. One of the most important aspects of the application, is a completed homestudy. Those two words should terrify most normal people. Either you are too messy or too clean, your house is too small or too big, your kids are well behaved or tasmanian devils, there really is no in between. What I was lamenting over for weeks is actually a very different process than I expected. I fully believed that there would be a old seasoned social worker lifting up our bed to see if we had vacumed in the last 5 years. That’s just who I am, always running with an idea, often to my own detriment. 

The homestudy process is actually quite enjoyable. It consists of three 2 hour sessions. The first two are basically a formal interview process where Calli and I talk about who we are and how we became this way. The final session is a visit to our home so the social worker can observe how we live life. 

In a short period of time I have realized that no matter what I had previously thought, there is no way we could put on a perfect front. And why should we? Our family is terribly imperfect and we work because we recognize that. We are in a constant state of giving and receiving grace. That grace allows us to love each other without expectation of perfection. And all of this revelation after just the first meeting! Let’s just hope she doesn’t look under our bed.